About Mr. G’s Fireworks

In 1967, Mr. Ramiro Gonzalez, Sr. began what would soon become the Rio Grande Valley family household name, Mr. G’s Fireworks. Incorporated in 1967, Mr. G’s Fireworks has become one of the largest distributors of 1.4G Class C Common Fireworks in the Rio Grande Valley. Over the past 50 plus years Mr. G has successfully established his firework business across the RGV where in addition to approximately 90 stand locations, has also established five Mr. G’s Fireworks Warehouse Outlets. Mr. G’s has served the Valley by providing his customers with friendly, convenient, and attentive service year after year. Mr. G’s Fireworks brings the Valley more bang for their buck as he provides high quality products at low prices. We invite you to join our festive spirit at one of Mr. G’s warehouse outlets or stand locations this season for great deals to celebrate with family and friends.